Build an analytics driven enterprise by unleashing your data’s potential

Data is the new oil. It is the vital piece in an enterprise’s Digital Transformation journey

Technology advancements can best be leveraged in enterprise context only when the data strategy is right. How is your organization shaping up when it comes to data?

Are you struggling with Data Integrity where data comes from multiple source systems?

Is managing on premise Data centers and DBAs and administering large analytical data sets posing a problem?

Do you look forward to reducing the Time for data insight, and reducing your dependency on IT?

Nitor’s experienced team can help you plan, manage & strategize your data

Nitor follows proven best practices and methodologies through an Initial Assessment Workshop to
understand your current ‘Data & Analytics maturity level’ and propose a solution roadmap.

Our Key Offerings

Data Ingestion

Ingest and enrich constant streams of data for real-time analysis, insights and action

Data Warehouse Development and Modernization

Process data at lightning speed and deliver automated, intelligent solutions via Data Warehouse Development and Modernization

Data Integration

Consolidate your Big Data from disparate sources & get a unified view of your data

Data Lake and Big Data Development

Experience a highly streamlined and systematic process while delivering a quick turnaround time

Data Science & Predictive Modelling

Employ proven ML-based techniques to predict trends and detect potential threats in your data

Technologies & Partnerships

Our Technologies & Partnerships reassure our clients about the credibility and reliability of the Data Analytics services we offer.

S3, Redshift, EMR etc

Speciality platform for analytical workloads with superfast query processing engine

Industry’s first multi modal database platform with HTAP engine

Open source technologies – Hadoop, MySQL, Spark etc

Success Stories



Customer Segment


Engagement Scope

Redesigning of Data & Analytics

Nitor helped a leading Semiconductor Enterprise redesign their Data Strategy. It successfully reduced their time for ‘data to insight’ from 2 days to 2 hours. The overall IT costs came down by 50% empowering their business teams.



Customer Segment

Enterprise (Commercial Bank)

Engagement Scope

Built a Columnar Data Warehouse by modernizing the overall architecture

Nitor helped a global bank build Columnar Data Warehouse. This helped their IT team to reduce the ‘data load time’ from 1 day to 1 hour. The solution helped clients get better insights and improved their customer loyalty by 15%.



Customer Segment

Software Product Development

Engagement Scope

Ingestion & Integration of Clinical Data & Claims Data leveraging ML/Predictive modelling to calculate Risk scores

Nitor worked with a Health Plan customer and integrated Clinical data from Provider and Claims data. This application helped increase the patient satisfaction by more than 30%, and the health plan increased the Member retention by 20%.